ERC DUO - Clement Camp

Atomically Dispersed Heterobimetallic Catalysts for Cooperative C-H Bonds Activation


Summary: The central objective of the DUO project is the development of original, well-defined and highly dispersed heterobimetallic supported catalysts using a molecular approach. Its chemical foundation is to take advantage of both (1) metal-metal cooperative effects and (2) site-isolation benefits, in combination, to achieve unprecedented and highly reactive active sites. This will ultimately lead to new bond activation pathways to tackle challenging catalytic transformations. Specifically, I target supported early/late pair-site catalysts, which are ideally suited to promote the heterolytic cleavage of strong C-H bonds.

Leaded by Clément CAMP

Start date: November, 1st 2022

End date: October, 31st, 2027