Our Approach to Research


In this sense, the following 4 concepts underpin our various research projects:


Focus on useful science and engineering

The problems studied by our researchers correspond to concrete objectives that are genuinely challenging and offer positive, real solutions to pressing societal challenges. This is clearly reflected in the number of direct interactions we have with industrial and academic groups from around the world

Comprehend and describe

Innovation starts with an understanding of the fundamental physical processes in play, and requires that we derive a sufficiently detailed description of chemistry, physics and process engineering aspects. However, understanding is not enough, it is also necessary to disseminate this knowledge, either in the form of useful technology transfer to our industrial partners, or in the form of publications and presentations to the international scientific community.

Produce and be Useful

The processes and products of the future must be ever more respectful of humans and of the environment, but at the same time need to economically viable and robust. Projects related to the development of innovative science and technologies are one of the major keys to our success.


Education and training of scientists and engineers is one of the key societal contributions that we can make. Our laboratory is hosted by the engineering school CPE-Lyon, and located on the compus of the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, so a strong integration of researchers and professors in the development of teaching strategies to both graduate and undergraduate students helps to ensure the propagation of our ideals and approaches.