The M2AGIC2 team (Molecules, Advanced Materials, Process Engineering, Catalysis and Coordination) includes 6 CNRS researchers, 4 Professors and 7 engineers and supportstaff (ITA). Its activities are based on 4 scientific themes:

  • Multi-scale approach for the development of catalytic objects 
  • Reactivity, kinetic and mechanistic approaches in catalysis 
  • Methodological developments, process engineering and process intensification 
  • Advanced molecular and functional materials.

This team is thus expert in the design, development and use of advanced functional materials (in particular, catalysts), and in reactive process engineering. The originality of this team is to have a large and multidisciplinary spectrum of competences from the synthesis of objects, materials and molecules, using advanced characterization tools, their possible shaping and embedment onto structured objects for their integration in a process, and finally their study into targeted applications, as close as possible to the industrial expectations while preserving a fundamental research of very high level.

Regarding the design of targeted materials, a molecular approach is developed to yield well-defined active surface species to establish a reliable structure-activity relationship and to rationally improve the catalytic processes or the properties of the resulting materials.

The rational and multi-skilled approach is also found in the reactive process engineering topics developed in the team. Various aspects ranging from kinetics, design and characterization of reactors to their implementation for multiphase reactions are covered. Process intensification, data acquisition methodology, modeling and multi-scale simulation of kinetics, reactors and processes are the topics and tools developed and implemented (energy, depollution, synthetic chemistry, etc.).




Molecules, Advanced Materials, Process Engineering, Catalysis and Coordination