CP2M: Catalysis, Polymerisation, Processes and Materials

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CP2M: Catalysis, Polymerisation, Processes and Materials

High pressure reactors

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CP2M: Catalysis, Polymerisation, Processes and Materials

High throughput reactor for rapid synthesis 

  About us

About us

To enhance our ability
to produce organic, inorganic
and composite materials

The laboratory of Catalysis, Polymerisation, Process and Materials (CP2M) was created in 2021 as a result of the fusion of the Laboratory for the Chemistry, Catalysis, Polymers and Process (C2P2) and Catalytic Process Engineering Laboratory (LGPC).

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Christophe BOISSON awarded the Prix Aymé Poirson from the Académie des Sciences.

The Aymé Poirson prize is awarded by the French Académie des Sciences, recognises an outstanding contribution in the application of scientific research to Industry.  The Académie des Sciences is an assembly of scientists, chosen among the most distinguished French and foreign specialists, and supports research and promotes scientific life at an international level. This year's winner was our colleague, Dr Christophe BOISSON.  Congratulations to Christophe for this well-deserved recognition!  



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