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Laurent VEYRE

Ingénieur de Recherche

Responsibilities and expertise

Expert in materials characterization :

    - Electron Microscopy (HRTEM-STEM-EDS)

    - Physisorption/Chemisorption

    - Infrared spectroscopy (transmission et DRIFT)

   - UV-vis spectroscopy (liquid and solid state)

- High-vacuum lines -

Expert in metal nanoparticles synthesis and surface chemistry

Current Research projects (collaboration with Dr THIEULEUX and Dr CAMP)

1/ preparation of nanostructured hybrid silica materials in which the distribution and the localization of the organic/organometallic moieties is controlled at the nanoscale

2/ development of mono- or pluri-metallic nanoparticles of controlled size, composition and crystallinity in solution

3/ transformation into metal-oxide nanoparticles and/or their selective introduction into nanostructured oxides or their deposition onto inorganic supports.

4/ Surface OrganoMetallic Chemistry (SOMC) methodologies to prepare well-defined and highly dispersed heterobimetallic supported catalysts

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Mailing address

43 Bd du 11 Nov. 1918
(B. P. 82007)
69616 Villeurbanne CEDEX FRANCE

Contact details

+33 (0)4 72 43 17 67 (team PCM)
+33 (0)4 72 43 17 94 (team MMAGICC)
+33 (0)4 72 43 17 56 (Communication)

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