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Directrice de Recherche

Research themes

My research is focused on the synthesis of various kinds of polymer and nanocomposite particles, using different approaches:


• Conventional and controlled radical polymerization in dispersed media ((mini)emulsion, dispersion processes)

• Synthesis of (reactive) macromolecular stabilizers

• Polymerization-induced self-assembly (PISA)

• Photopolymerization in emulsion and dispersion














Current projects

The main projects currently developed in the team deal with:

The synthesis of surfactant-free latexes using as stabilizer various reactive polymer chains obtained from RDRP (Reversible deactivation radical polymerization - mostly RAFT)


The synthesis of poly(vinylidene fluoride) latexes – in the frame of the iHub POLY-9 joint laboratory with Arkema


The synthesis of degradable particles (ANR project CKAPART)


The synthesis of latexes for vitrimer-like materials (ANR project DYNAMEX)


Photopolymerization in dispersed media (ANR projects Photo-B / IR-Emulsion)


Ethylene (co)polymerization in dispersed media


I am currently (co)supervising :

• Mr. Paul Galanopoulo (PhD student, 2019-2022), who is developing innovative strategies to prepare degradable vinyl copolymer latexes in dispersed media, in the frame of the ANR project CKAPART (collaboration with Yohann Guillaneuf, Didier Gigmès and Cathy Lefay, Institut de Chimie Radicalaire (ICR) in Marseille, and Julien Nicolas, Institut Galien Paris-Saclay (IGPS), Châtenay-Malabry). Paul is cosupervised with Franck D'Agosto (CP2M).

Ms. Marie Raffin (PhD student, 2019-2022), who is working on the design and synthesis of various amphiphilic copolymers for emulsion (co)polymerization of vinyl acetate. Marie is cosupervised with Franck D'Agosto (CP2M).

Mr. Suren Wang (PhD student, 2020-2023), who is working on the synthesis of new polymer latexes for the formation of crosslinked films with potential self-healing properties and/or recyclability owing to vitrimer-like properties. His work is cosupervised with Franck D'Agosto and conducted in the frame of the ANR project DYNAMEX (collaboration with Renaud Nicolaÿ and Corinne Soulié-Ziakovic, Laboratoire de Chimie Moléculaire, Macromoléculaire, Matériaux (C3M), Paris).

• Mr. Thibaut Février (PhD student, 2021-2024), who is sponsored by Arkema and is working in the frame of our joint laboratory with Arkema, iHub POLY-9, to develop surfactant-free poly(vinylidene fluoride) latexes. Thibaut is cosupervised with Franck D'Agosto.

• Ms. Ana Patricia Pacheco (PhD student, 2017-2021), who is working on RAFT polymerization in scCO2 with both molecular and macromolecular chain transfer agents, fluorine-free, for the dispersion polymerization of methyl methacrylate. Ana's thesis is sponsored by the SINCHEM project and jointly supervised by Franck D'Agosto (CP2M) and Prof. Steve Howdle (Howdle's group) at the University of Nottingham (UK) (cotutelle agreement).

• Mr. Florian Baffie (PhD student, 2018-2021), who is working on the controlled radical polymerization of ethylene via ITP. Florian is cosupervised with Franck D'Agosto and Vincent Monteil, and his thesis is sponsored by the MESRI.

• Ms. Laura Sinniger (PhD student, 2021-2024), who is working on the synthesis of macromolecular architectures based on polyethylene by radical polymerization. Laura is cosupervised with Franck D'Agosto and Vincent Monteil, and her thesis is sponsored by the MESRI.

• Ms. Magalie Schoumacker (PhD student, 2021-2024), who is trying to use (N)IR light to initiate photopolymerizations in dispersed media (emulsion and dispersion). Her thesis is sponsored by the ANR in the frame of the IR-Emulsion project (collaboration with Emmanuel Lacôte, Laboratoire des Hydrazines et Composés Énergétiques Polyazotés (LHCEP), Lyon; Chantal Andraud, Cyrille Monnereau and Akos Banyasz, Laboratoire de Chimie (LCH), ENS Lyon; Jacques Lalevée, Institut de Sciences des Matériaux de Mulhouse (IS2M)). Magalie is cosupervised with Elodie Bourgeat-Lami (CP2M) and Emmanuel Lacôte (LHCEP).


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