Expertise of researchers and engineers of CP2M lab on characterization and calculation using external infrastructure :



Access to synchrotrons (ESRF, Hasylab, SOLEIL …) by writing proposals submitted to a scientific committee or purchasing beam-time.

Home-made air-tight cells and systems used in particular for organometallic compounds. Data acquisition and treatment using adequate software (Athena, Arthemis, MAX programs…).

Expertise by Dr Aimery De Mallmann


EPR/ESR spectroscopy

Access to the EPR spectrometer located at ENS-Lyon (Lhoussain Khrouz).

Air-tight tubes, data acquisition and simple analysis (interpretation, access to spin concentration).

Referent at CP2M: Dr Aimery De Mallmann


Synchrotron SAXS/WAXS

Data treatment and analysis using home-made code and SASfit software.

Expertise by Dr Fabrice Brunel


Electronic microsopy




Computational chemistry

  • Ab-initio calculation using GAUSSIAN software
  • Molecular dynamic: all-atoms and coarse-grained simulations of polymers using GROMACS software