ERC Starting Grant - Dr Clément CAMP

Monday, January 24th 2022

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Congratulations to Clément CAMP, Chargé de Recherche at the CP2M, who has been awarded an ERC starting grant.

Projet DUO* : Atomically Dispersed Heterobimetallic Catalysts for Cooperative C-H Bonds Activation

Inventing New Catalysts

Is there strength in unity? Can two elements, once joined, lead to new properties and reactivities that exceed those of the initial elements individually? By assembling two different metal atoms, Clément Camp's team creates atypical metal duos. What if these new metal pairs were the key to transforming chemical bonds in new ways? Could they be used, for example, to activate carbon-hydrogen bonds, at the heart of hydrocarbons or active pharmaceutical ingredients? To test this hypothesis, scientists will isolate these new metal couples on the surface of materials to obtain original chemical structures and analyze the resulting catalytic activity.