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Yousef SWESI




The purpose of the DISCOVER project is to translation of batch-scale solution nanoparticle syntheses to continuous flow reactors. This type of micro- and millifluidic flow reactor offer higher heat and mass transport that allows for high control over reaction conditions and oftentimes results in decreased reaction times, higher yields, and/or more monodisperse size distributions compared to an analogous batch reaction. The nanoparticles can be obtained by controlled decomposition of metallic precursors in presence of stabilizing ligands. Then, these metallic nanoparticles NPs will be used as catalysts in hydrosilylation reaction and in carbon-carbon coupling reactions in flow reactor.


Project: DATAFAB

DATAFAB platform which focuses on the rapid acquisition of kinetic data for demanding reactions (short residence times), in the presence of dangerous reagents (explosive or toxic), and for multiphase reactions with complex kinetics. I am in charge of the development of the micro-reactor automation MATLAB program whose objective is to automatically determine the experiments to be carried out according to the preceding results. Several steps are necessary: recovery and exploitation of the analyzer data; parametric optimization; determination of the next operating conditions.


Project: IRSIS Thermic

The project IRSIS is targeting to characterize open cell foam reactors performances (heat transfer, hydrodynamics) for G/L/S reactions. Various open cells foams; such as aluminum, copper and nickel-chromium where selected to study their thermal performance in a gas-liquid-solid up flow covering all important flow regimes (material variation, porosity and pore size). The radial three-phase thermal conductivity and wall heat transfer coefficient of metallic foams where estimated used a pseudo-homogeneous 2-D plug flow reactor model.





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