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Clément COLTIN

Ingénieur de Recherche


I am working on the ANR project HEROES-Li in the fielf of Li-ion batteries. This project is in collaboration with CEA-Liten and SyMMES at the university of grenoble alpes (UGA).

Nowadays, electrolytes dedicated to Li-batteries show many drawbacks concerning :

- the security because of their flamable properties

- the long-term cyclability of the batteries

My goal is to synthesis high performance single-ion hybrid electrolytes for Li-batteries. To achieve this goal, firstly, I have to develop precursors for sol-gel polymerisation composed of an alkoxysilane group and a lithium bis(sulfonyl)imide, both linked by a covalent bond (see figure below). Then, I have to synthesis single-ion hybrid electrolytes (SIHE) based on the sol-gel precursors. This step involves the growth of the sol-gel precursors within a polymer membrane (sPEEK or sPS).

All the synthesis part will be performed at CP2M. The electrochemical, mechanical and thermal properties, but also the multiscale characterization of SIHE will be carried out by the CEA-Liten and SyMMES at Grenoble.






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