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Bruno Andrioletti was born in Troyes-France in 1968. He studied chemistry at the University of Burgundy (Dijon -France) and received his PhD degree in 1997 under the joint supervision of Prof. R. Guilard and Dr. B. Boitrel. His PhD focused on the development of new porphyrinic systems, models of the cytochrome c oxidase active center. Next, he joined the group of Prof. J.L. Sessler at the University of Texas at Austin for a 2 years postdoctoral training. There, he studied the chemistry of expanded porphyrins and carried out the development of new anions sensors. In 1999, he was appointed CNRS researcher at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris-France) in the group headed by Dr. E Rose. His research interests concerned the development of porphyrin and porphyrin analogues and their use in catalysis and molecular recognition. He was also interested in the preparation of chiral, regioregular oligothiophenes for the preparation of new materials active for NLO applications. In 2007, Bruno Andrioletti moved to the University of Lyon and was promoted full Professor in 2008 after a short period spent in the group of Marc Lemaire. Since 2008, he was group leader and interested in the development of new tools for a sustainable chemistry. In particular, his research focuses on the development of new catalytic tools (catalyst, oxidant, reaction media, new modes of activation…) for the oxidative transformation of (bio-sourced) organic molecules, including lignin. At last, another major field of research concerns the development of strategies towards new sustainable polymers. This goal led Prof. Andrioletti move to the CP2M Laboratory in September 2022. Among the various projects he develops in his new Laboratory (most of them in collaboration with industrial partners), the development of new “green” solvents, new (biobased)polymers, new polymer initiators and catalytic systems is particularly active. To date, Prof. Andrioletti has co-authored about 90 publications and 5 patents (H = 30; > 3000 citations).

Example of recently funded projects

2017-2021 : FUI PEFPack (TorayFilms Europe, Paprec, IMP, …)

2017-2022 : FUI Deperflex (Sofileta, Alpex, LTDS, LHC, Manutech, …)

2021-2024 : ANR « Biococo » (Partenaire : IMP, Seppic)

2021-2024 : ANR « Greenglue » (Partenaire : ICGM, Medtronic, CHU Annecy)

2022-2025 : Collaboration Kem One (Thèse Cifre)

2022-2025 : Projet Perfecto R-Silk (Financement Ademe)

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