CDD position (3 years) starting in April/May 2023

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Context :

The energy transition now appears necessary to meet growing energy needs, while respecting environmental constraints. It will be based on a sustainable energy mix where the use of renewable energies will intensify. However, most of these alternative energies (e.g. solar, wind, etc.) have irregular and intermittent production, requiring storage solutions for the energy produced to allow wider deployment. In this context, Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) are nowadays the most efficient means of storing electrical energy from mobile applications to transport. However, conventional LIBs face major practical challenges such as low energy and power density and, more importantly, their security (flammability of liquid organic electrolytes and the growth of dendrites during charging (risk of short-circuit)).

Objectives and description of the research project :

This project aims to design new "all solid" electrolytes for lithium-ion battery technology by combining the intrinsic properties of polysiloxane materials and ionomers. These new generation of electrolytes will allow more efficient and safer storage of electrical energy. The ionic conduction will be provided by the ionic Li+ groups carried by the main Sol-Gel phase but also by the ionic Li+ groups of the host membrane. These hybrid membranes will be obtained by direct impregnation of the host ionomer membrane without dissolution. The host membrane will thus have a structuring effect on the growth of the SG phase thanks to its well-defined conduction paths.

The research project will be conducted in the Laboratory of Catalysis, Polymerization, Processes and Materials (CP2M) located at CPE on the campus of the University of Lyon 1.

Program :

It will involve the preparation of different families of Li sulfonimide derived salts with varied substituents followed by the introduction of polycondensable Sol-Gel groups of the type –Si(OR)3 to allow for the growth of the reactive SG directly inside the membrane.


Contacts :

Véronique DUFAUD: (Tel: 04 72 43 17 92)

Profile of the candidate : Master degree or engineer having strong knowledge in organic synthesis, in particular salts synthesis and purification techniques associated (purification by column chromatography, work under inert atmosphere; characterization technique by multi-nuclei NMR).


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