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Electronic display devices currently on the market, such as electronic books, are based on the use of electrophoretic inks encapsulated between two electrodes. The ink itself is made of an apolar solvent in which the pigment particles are dispersed. The application of an electric field makes migrate the particles constituting the ink towards the electrode of surface or the bottom electrode according to their load. One thus observes the appearance of a contrast between line of text and bottom of text, with a reversibility when the pigment is on the surface or on the bottom electrode. If this technology is now mature and has allowed the marketing of e-readers such as Kobo, Kindle or PocketBook, the screens of electrophoretic e-readers are so far restricted to black and white. Thus, the research effort is mainly focused on the integration of color in this technology.

In this context, the objective of this thesis project is to develop polychromatic electrophoretic inks based on white and colored pigments.

This thesis is part of the ANR DEFINED project, in collaboration with the LCPO and ICMCB laboratories of Bordeaux.

The overall aim of the DEFINED project is to develop a platform technology for the next generation of electrophoretic inks in order to address the current challenges of e-Paper.


electrophoretic ink, dispersion polymerization, apolar media, charged particles, colored pigments

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