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Anthony TACNET



“Development of precursors for DLI-MOCVD based on alkali and niobium / tantalum : Application to RF filters in the field of 5G”


My PhD is part of the ANR-LINKS project.

The aim of this work is to develop precursors based on alkali and niobium / tantalum for use in DLI-MOCVD in order to have an application in 5G radio frequency filters.

The significant and prompt expansion of the internet use, the smartphone and the data transfer involves the development of new generations of telecommunications. The actual development is focused on 5G, which is different than the others generations. In fact the principal center idea is not only to increase the data rate, but also to broaden its scope to reach new sectors: health, transportation or even energy. In order to improve 5G, research is focusing on the piezoelectric layer of Radio Frequency Filters (RF).

In this project, the piezoelectric thin films is deposited and controlled by DLI-MOCVD (Direct Liquid Injection – Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition). The precursors synthetized must have high purity and volatility.

The objective is to develop and synthetize precursors of lithium, lithium / niobium and lithium / tantalum compatible with high temperature thin film growth and with high homogeneity.


My work consists in:

  • Synthesis of new precursors
  • Complete characterization of precursors : NMR (1H, 13C, 7Li), TGA, ATR-FTIR, X-ray diffraction




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