Inauguration of the CNRS-CP2M Lab Innovation Hub Polymer 9

wednesday, april the 13th 2022

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The CP2M and Arkema officially launched their joint research laboratory iHub-Poly 9 on April 13, 2022.

To see the official press release (in French) CLICK HERE.

Various fluoropolymers, a family of molecules to which KYNAR® PVDF belongs, offer excellent cost/performance ratios as cathode binders and separator coatings. In order to study and integrate these materials, the Catalysis, Polymerization, Processes and Materials laboratory (CP2M, UMR 5128 CNRS/CPE Lyon/Université Claude Bernard) and the French chemical group Arkema have joined forces to found a new joint research laboratory: iHub-Poly 9 (see web page here)

The scientists involved are particularly interested in poly(vinylidene fluoride) and its copolymers. This family of polymers is extremely stable chemically and electrochemically. Their synthesis, which is done in a water-dispersed medium, requires high pressures that can exceed 100 bars. The CP2M has more than 30 years of expertise in polymers manufactured under pressure and has reactors capable of safely reaching these pressures, which is very rare in France and Europe. The collaboration with Arkema is mainly manifested by the holding of five PhDs on the synthesis and process of fluorinated polymers for the energy field such as Li ion batteries or fuel cells, including one thesis financed by the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, and three CIFRE theses financed by the company, as well as by the purchase of equipment for a 50 m² laboratory dedicated exclusively to iHub Poly-9 within the CP2M premises.