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Laboratory :

Catalysis, Polymérisation, Processes & Materials, UMR5128 CNRS – UCBL - CPE Lyon, 43 bd du 11 novembre 1918 – 69100 VILLEURBANNE

Dr C. Nikitine, Enseignant-chercheur CPE Lyon,

Pr P. Fongarland, Professeur UCLB,


Start :

February-march 2022; 5-6 month Financial contribution: ~ 560 euros/mont


Context and objectives of the proposal :

The reaction/separation coupling within a reactive distillation is a widely studied process and is a proven example of process intensification. However, the insertion of a heterogeneous catalyst into the internals of the column is a challenge, especially with Amberlyst resins, which are currently used in reactive distillation. Indeed, the actual approach consists of loading the holes in the internals with the powdered catalyst, which increases the pressure drop and therefore a breakdown of the gas-liquid flows in the column. One way is to deposit the catalyst directly on the surface of the structure and thus create reactive internals.

The objective of this internship is to develop a protocol for the coating of catalysts on metal foam structures and then on internals obtained by 3D printing. TiO2-Wox acid catalysts will be chosen as reference and ethyl acetate synthesis will be used as model reaction. The methodology will be based on tests of catalysts in powder to evaluate their intrinsic activity in a stirred slurry reactor by integrating the issues of inhibition and even deactivation with water. This step will make it possible to evaluate the behaviour related to the Lewis (and/or Bronsted) acidity of the catalysts and the impact of water on their potential deactivation and reactivity, and to determine the quantity required for coating on the structures. Then, the internals will be tested on a laboratory column (30 mm diameter, 1 m length). This approach will enable the behaviour of the structure and the catalyst coating to be studied under reactive distillation conditions (temperature, pressure, composition, particularly the presence of water, reflux, residence time). The issue of leaching and/or deactivation will be assessed by comparing the deposits before and after the experiment using X-ray tomography and analysing the composition of the residues and distillates obtained.

In this internship, we propose to optimize the process for coating catalysts on different materials. Tasks of this work will be :

- an experimental plan in order to determine the operating conditions allowing a homogeneous coating of TiO2-Wox on metal foam and then on lattice structures obtained by 3D-printing.

- a study of the reactivity of these catalysts in bath and in reactive distillations conditions

- a study of the leaching and the characteristics of coating obtained.


Profile :

Master student or equivalent degree in chemical engineering, physical chemistry or catalysis. The student should have knowledge in heterogeneous catalysis, chemical engineering and modelling. She/he should be enthusiastic, methodical, show skills in problem solving when carrying out experiments and have an interest in modelling. This internship is the first step before a possible PhD

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