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The Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 offers a post-doctoral position in Chemical Engineering . Location: LAGEPP, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Campus de la Doua , Bâtiment CPE, Villeurbanne. This is a research-only appointment (no teaching).

The position is funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche on the project on Elastic Foam-bed Reactor: an innovative technological breakthrough in gas-liquid reaction field, EFR, which involves the laboratories CP2M Catalyse Polymérisation Procédés & Matériaux (UMR CNRS 5128 /CPE/Université Claude Bernard Lyon1) , and the LAGEPP Laboratoire d’Automatique et de Génie des Procédés et de Génie Pharmaceutique (UMR CNRS 5007, Université Claude Bernard Lyon1).

The net salary will be from 2000 euros up to 2800 per month, depending the experience. Speaking French is not compulsory.

Application: please send us by email: a brief motivation letter, a curriculum vitæ, recommendation letter from supervisors (Ph.D. advisor or Post-doc supervisor). Recommendation letters should be sent to the contact persons mentioned below, by email.

Application deadline: 15 jjuly 2024



Research activities

The EFR project proposes to develop an innovative PBC/TBR technology - Elastic Foam- bed reactor-based on a novel soft deformable structured catalytic support in order to improve the gasliquid (G/L) mass transfer properties and ease the unclogging process. In this concept, a simple crankshaft with a rod allows to move an inert perforated plate. Two foam blocks namely block 1 and 2 are respectively fixed on up and down of this plate. Function of the rotation frequency, the block 1 is compressed while the block 2 is relaxed and vice versa...

In this project, the post-doctoral researcher will focus his research activity on the dynamic modelling of the process. The first task consists in developing a dynamical and numerical model coupling the gasliquid- solid transfer phenomena and the chemical reaction kinetics with the mechanical displacement dynamics of the foam using a modular modelling approach. The second task consists in deriving a simplified model for the control design and the optimization of the process.

The post-doctoral student will be welcomed in a research team composed of 4 permanent staff ((Responsible: Bernhard MASCHKE, Partner 2): Christian JALLUT, Boussad HAMROUN, David EDOUARD, Marie-Line ZANOTA and recruited postdoctoral researcher) and lab engineers for experimental setup support.

Expected expertise: The applicant should have a doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering with an experience in the mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of processes. In addition, an experience in heterogeneous reactor modelling is highly appreciated.



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(f) Thesis of L. Birba 23/02/2021 University UCBL Lyon1





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