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Keywords : tetrazene-containing polymers, Aminyl radicals, radical polymerization, supramolecular metal-complex assemblies

Scientific Area : Chemistry

Topic specifics :

The tetrazene moiety is comprised of four successively bonded nitrogen atoms, providing three consecutive nitrogen-nitrogen bonds, making it a particularly interesting moiety for energy applications or for complexing metals - which could be harnessed for depollution, trace metal detection or catalysis. In addition, tetrazenes can produce radicals, by extrusion of nitrogen, in the presence of acids or alkylating agents, or by UV stimulus, thus leading to potential initiators of radical polymerizations.

This project aims at developing new polymer structures featuring tetrazene groups as constituent elements, to study their physical properties (and possible recycling). We then wish to evaluate how the insertion of molecular functional units in a polymer matrix affects their intrinsic properties, i.e. how the reactivity of the tetrazene unit will be modified. Thus, we hope to access :

  • photo-adjustable materials capable of complexing metals – either for catalysis, depollution, or as a template for the controlled deposition of metals on surfaces.
  • aminyl-generating oligomers or polymers which can advantageously trigger radical polymerizations, under a pH stimulus for ex, and yield amino-functionalized polymers.

See ref : Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2021, 60, 1578–1582 (

Financial support : 2-year post-doctoral contract


Laboratory : Catalysis, Polymerization, Processes & Materials (CP2M) Laboratory, UMR 5128

Candidate requirements :

  • Doctorate in organic chemistry or polymer chemistry 
  • Knowledge of radical chemistry and/or catalysis would be considered an asset


Additional Info

Apply by : 30/11/2021

Salary range : > 30 k€ & < 38 k€ annual gross income (depending on experience)

Starting date : January 2022


How to apply for the position ?

Please provide : Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter and Recommendation Letter (or references)




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