PhD position (from Novembre 2021) - 3 years

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This project takes place in the team "Polymerization, Catalysis and Materials" of the CP2M laboratory in Villeurbanne (CP2M: Catalysis Polymerization Processes and Materials- UMR 5128 - CNRS - CPE Lyon – University Claude Bernard) under the supervision of Dr Jean RAYNAUD and Dr Vincent MONTEIL.

The project’s framework is the ANR collaborative project POLARITY funded in 2021 between CP2M (catalytic polymerizations) and ICBMS (theoretical calculations) laboratories and Michelin (in the context of the Laboratoire Commun CNRS: CHEMISTLAB between Michelin, CP2M and ICBMS).

The multidisciplinary project aims at developing original and sustainable transition metal based catalytic systems able to incorporate diverse and polar functions within synthetic rubber polymer chains by the copolymerization of conjugated dienes and olefinic comonomers. The project will include coordination and organometallic chemistry for the synthesis of (pre)catalysts and investigation of catalysis performance in polymerization. Advanced characterizations of catalysts by NMR (liquid and solid, multidimensional & multinuclear) and X-ray spectroscopies, and of polymer properties (microstructure from NMR, MWD from SEC, thermal properties from DSC…) will be important aspects of the project.



Applicants should have a Master Degree in Chemistry. Strong knowledge of organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry and/or catalysis is required. Notions in polymer synthesis and characterization of polymer would be considered an asset.



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